I am especially concerned with the small number of women involved in STEM fields, both at university and in the industry. Stereotypes place women at non-technical roles in society, and the scarcity of current female professionals in technology and scientific careers that could encourage young women to develop a career in IT also creates a Catch-22 situation. For this reason, it is especially important that professionals explain their work to secondary schools and talk about their experiences.

In this line, I recently received the “Dona TIC” award by the Catalan government to women in STEM fields. The goal of this award is to recognize and promote the fundamental role of women in the professional, business and academic world of new technologies, and to provide new female role models to young women in order to encourage them to develop their careers in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). These are some of the media articles related to this award:

FibracatTV interview (in Catalan)

Premi Dona TIC, Generalitat de Catalunya

La sabadellenca Laura Dubreuil, premi Dona TIC de la Generalitat, Diari de Sabadell

​La sabadellenca Laura Dubreuil, reconeguda amb els Premis Dona TIC, Nació Digital

Laura Dubreuil premi Dona TIC de la Generalitat, Escola Pia Sabadell

La guanyadora del Dona TIC 2019: “les dones aporten una visió diferent al resoldre problemes”, iSabadell

“Nessun dorma” pel talent femení, Via Empresa

Los Premis Dona TIC reconocen el talento y emprendeduría digital femenina, La Vanguardia

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