During my time at Starlab, I worked in the AsTeRICS project (Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set), where our goal was to develop a construction set for assistive technologies which can be adapted to the motor abilities of end-users. AsTeRICS is intended to allow access to different devices such as PCs, cell phones and smart home devices, with all of them integrated in a platform adapted as much as possible to each user.

Possible applications include:

  • Computer input (mouse, keyboard, joystick)
  • Environmental Control (KNX, FS20, IR)
  • Toys and Games (Playstation 3, computer games …)
  • Brain/Neural computer interfaces (Enobio, OpenVIBE, OpenEEG)
  • Android Phone support (SMS, calls)

Check the project’s website for more information.

Laura Dubreuil Vall
Laura Dubreuil Vall
Engineer and Neuroscientist

My research interests include neurotechnology, electroencephalography, brain stimulation, machine learning, product development and healthcare strategy.