She has a voice 2022


“She has a voice” is a podcast by Elisabet Tremps, in which she interviews women in the fields of technology, science, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to inspire other women to pursue careers in these fields.

In this episode, Laura Dubreuil Vall talks about her journey trough tech and neuroscience, and how she managed to develop products to improve the detection and treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases by combining innovative techniques from different fields, such as Deeep Learning and Neuroscience.

Inspired by role models like Ana Maiques, Joana Barbany-Freixa and Anna N Schlegel, after finishing her degree in Telecommunications Engineering she decided to specialize in AI and Neuroscience, and continued her career in the USA.

Nov 24, 2022 —
Laura Dubreuil Vall
Laura Dubreuil Vall
Engineer and Neuroscientist

My research interests include neurotechnology, electroencephalography, brain stimulation, machine learning, product development and healthcare strategy.