Talents 2020


I am especially concerned with the small number of women involved in STEM fields, both at academia and industry. Stereotypes place women at non-technical roles in society, and the scarcity of current female professionals in technology and scientific careers that could encourage young women to develop a career in IT also creates a Catch-22 situation. For this reason, it is especially important that women professionals explain their work to high schools students with the goal of encouraging and normalizing the presence of women in STEM. With this goal, I’ve participated in different events aimed at disseminating women’s work in technical fields.

The video below is an example of a talk I gave in the framework of “Talents 2020”, a program organized by the association “Arrenca a córrer”, in which different entrepreneurs are invited to share their stories, dreams and passions with a group of high school students to promote the core values of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity among boys and girls.

Oct 1, 2013 —
Laura Dubreuil Vall
Laura Dubreuil Vall
Engineer and Neuroscientist

My research interests include neurotechnology, electroencephalography, brain stimulation, machine learning, product development and healthcare strategy.